Heyo! I'm a genderfluid twitch streamer with too many dreams and not enough focus to actually do anything!


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Each link here leads to one of my many and few social medias! I'm not very active on a lot of these, but feel free to follow me anyways!

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About Me!

Who am I? Who knows!

Hello! My name is CottonCandie, and I'm a genderfluid Twitch variety streamer! I stream occasionally, around once weekly sometime near the weekend, and you can find specifically when in my Discord, which is linked in the socials tab! As of recently, I've been streaming for a whole year!If you'd like to find me everywhere on the internet, check out the afore mentioned Socials tab!
If you'd like to support me, check out the Support tab!
If you like the art I use, check out the Art & Artists tab to see if you can commission similar art for yourself!

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